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Ratanlal And Dhirajlal Ipc.pdf: The Classic and Authoritative Commentary on the IPC

What is Ratanlal And Dhirajlal Ipc.pdf?

If you are a law student or a professional in India, you might have come across a document called Ratanlal And Dhirajlal Ipc.pdf. This document is one of the most authoritative and comprehensive commentaries on the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which is the main criminal law of India. It was first published in 1896 by Ratanlal Ranchhoddas and Dhirajlal Keshavlal Thakore, two eminent jurists and scholars of Indian law. Since then, it has been revised and updated by several distinguished legal experts over the years. The latest edition of the document was published in 2019 by LexisNexis.

Ratanlal And Dhirajlal Ipc.pdf

Why is Ratanlal And Dhirajlal Ipc.pdf important?

Ratanlal And Dhirajlal Ipc.pdf is important because it provides a detailed and critical analysis of the IPC, covering its history, scope, principles, provisions, interpretations, case laws, amendments, and comparative perspectives. It is widely regarded as a classic and authoritative work on Indian criminal law, which has been cited and relied upon by courts, lawyers, academics, students, researchers, and policymakers. It is also a valuable resource for anyone who wants to understand the nature, structure, and functioning of the IPC and its implications for various aspects of society.

How to access Ratanlal And Dhirajlal Ipc.pdf?

There are different ways and sources to access Ratanlal And Dhirajlal Ipc.pdf. You can download or view the document online from various websites, such as:

  • LexisNexis, which is the official publisher of the document and offers a free preview of the first chapter.

  •, which is a platform for academics to share research papers and offers a free download of the document.

  • Internet Archive, which is a digital library of free books, movies, music, and more and offers a free view or download of the document.

You can also buy or borrow a hard copy of the document from various online or offline bookstores or libraries, such as:

  • Amazon, which is an online marketplace that sells books and other products and offers a delivery service.

  • Flipkart, which is another online marketplace that sells books and other products and offers a delivery service.

  • Universal Law Bookshop, which is an offline bookstore that specializes in law books and is located in Delhi.

  • LibraryThing, which is a cataloging and social networking site for book lovers and offers a list of libraries that have the document in their collection.

What are the main contents of Ratanlal And Dhirajlal Ipc.pdf?

Ratanlal And Dhirajlal Ipc.pdf consists of 23 chapters and 511 sections, covering the entire IPC from its introduction to its appendices. The following table summarizes the main contents of each chapter:



Main Contents


Introduction to Indian Penal Code

- The history, scope, and principles of the IPC- The sources, interpretation, and application of the IPC- The relation between the IPC and other laws- The amendments and reforms of the IPC


General Explanations

- The definitions, interpretations, and illustrations of various terms and concepts used in the IPC- The rules of construction and presumption for the IPC- The doctrine of mens rea and actus reus for the IPC- The classification and grading of offences under the IPC



- The types, modes, and degrees of punishments prescribed by the IPC- The factors, principles, and objectives for determining punishments under the IPC- The discretion, variation, and limitation of punishments under the IPC- The execution, suspension, remission, and commutation of punishments under the IPC


General Exceptions

- The circumstances and conditions under which an act is not an offence or punishable by law- The exceptions based on justification, excuse, necessity, compulsion, consent, etc.- The burden of proof and evidence for claiming exceptions- The limitations and qualifications of exceptions