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Proven Genetics

Our Angus herd has proven leading Angus genetics. The breading strategies are similar to our Hereford program, but we need to be carful in choosing Angus sire that are maternal to create a strong cow herd for the future and have the ability to produce herd improvers sires for our clients.


We believe in using sires that are functional & demonstrate traits suited to the Australian commercial markets & our variable climate to thrive in all conditions.   Peter looks for structural correctness and athleticism as well as fertility.  Above average breeding and performance are a given; our bulls are the best we can breed.

Pathfinder Genesis.jpg

Pathfinder Genesis G357

One of Australia’s leading angus sires, high growth & heaps of performance, a bull that has been widely used.

Premier broken bow N106.jpg

Premier Broken
Bow N106

Was chosen as a calf by Stewart & Fred Geard Premier Angus due to his reliable pedigree  & phenotype, he has bred to a type & we are excited to say that we have some of his first calves, he is out of Kansas Rita J117 a foundation cow of Premier Angus.


Carabar Docklands D62

Docklands has become one of Australia leading sires in recent years, he has over 3000 progeny that have been recorded across 162 herds, Docklands sons have topped more sales than any other Angus sires in recent years, his daughters are functional & easy doing cows.

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Milwillah Napa N498

A sire with great muscle expression & very high for IMF, he has been bred for earlier finishing cattle, these cattle are great!!

Braveheart of stern.jpg

Braveheart of 

A traditional styled Angus, soft & easy doing bull with great birth weights , growth, ema & fat EBVs, he has been used widely  throughout New Zealand & Australia.

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Our breeding principles are straight forward.  Our cattle must meet our clients’ expectations throughout Australia.  We test our breeding principles for performance under commercial conditions, and profit in your pocket.  We grass feed our bulls so they are healthy and ready to work as soon as you’ve bought them.  We calve our heifers at 2 years old, and our cows must have a calf each year to stay in our herd.  This is backed by EBVs, raw data, & DNA to determine the breeding potential of our cattle herd, so you know how our bulls will work in your herd.


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