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Proven Genetics
Proven genetics provide the best animals, and our bulls have been used in stud and commercial operations over straight Hereford herds & cross bred herds with good feedback.  Today we have cows weighing 700kg, & bulls making up to 900kg off grass in a good season.  At the end of the day, its weight out the gate that is most important for you.


We believe in using sires that are functional & demonstrate traits suited to the Australian commercial markets & our variable climate to thrive in all conditions.   Peter looks for structural correctness and athleticism as well as fertility.  Above average breeding and performance are a given; our bulls are the best we can breed.


Nolaroo Jester


Nolaroo Jest is an easy doing moderate framed sire that was used for 2 season & has a strong maternal female side in his Pedigree, He has a high Milk EBV & Double the breed for daughters with good calving ease


Oldfield Calibre M126

Oldfield Calibre M126 is a great grand son of the $90 000 Days Calibre G74 & was used due to his great calving ease  & top Carcass traits, we used him over Heifers & they calved very well & we have used a yearling son this breeding season.


Bowen Casper K217

Bowen Kasper K217 is a bull we have a few calves buy due to him having a break down , he was purchased for his  New Zealand Trait leading sire Matariki Holy-Smoke & had great commercial qualities .

Chester Kahuna K115

Chester Kahuna K115 was purchased on his mother at the Chester Dispersal in Tasmania in 2017, He is another sire that has top Calving ease & low birth weight EBVs , His sire is a trait leader for Milk, Gestation length & Marbling, we are very excited with these calves.

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Our breeding principles are straight forward.  Our cattle must meet our clients’ expectations throughout Australia.  We test our breeding principles for performance under commercial conditions, and profit in your pocket.  We grass feed our bulls so they are healthy and ready to work as soon as you’ve bought them.  We calve our heifers at 2 years old, and our cows must have a calf each year to stay in our herd.  This is backed by EBVs, raw data, & DNA to determine the breeding potential of our cattle herd, so you know how our bulls will work in your herd.