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Victoria 2 Napoleon Legacy: A Guide to the Alternative History Scenario

Este es un escenario en el cual napoleon gano y esta inspirado en el mod de Victoria 2 Napoleons Legacy.Para instalar el escenario extraigan el archivo .rar de napoleon legacy vallan a carpeta de instalacion de su aoc2/AoCII/map/Earth/scenarios/.Si quieren descargar el mapa del mod extraigan el archivo backgrounds.rar en carpeta de instalacion de su aoc2/AoCII/map/ (si sale remplazar archivo denle que si) backgrounds.rar

Victoria 2 Napoleon Legacy

This is a scenario in which napoleon won and is inspired by the mod of Victoria 2 Napoleons Legacy.To install the scenario, extract the .rar file of napoleon legacy go to the installation folder of your aoc2/AoCII/map/Earth/scenarios/. If you want to download the map of the mod, extract the file backgrounds.rar in the installation folder of your aoc2 /AoCII/map/ (if replace file comes out, say yes)

This report describes the strange afterlife of a coloniallegacy. It will tell how one British law-the version of Section 377 thecolonizers introduced into the Indian Penal Code in 1860-spread across immensetracts of the British Empire.

Among these, only New Zealand (in 1986), Australia (state bystate and territory by territory), Hong Kong (in 1990, before the colony wasreturned to China), and Fiji (by a 2005 high court decision) have put thelegacy, and the sodomy law, behind them.

But the embrace of an alien legal legacy is founded onfalsehood. This report documents how it damages lives and distorts the truth. Sodomylaws throughout Asia and sub-Saharan Africa have consistently been colonialimpositions. No "native" ever participated in their making. Colonizers sawindigenous cultures as sexually corrupt. A bent toward homosexuality supposedlyformed part of their corruption. Where precolonial peoples had beenpermissive, sodomy laws would cure them-and defend their new, white masters againstmoral contagion.

Removing the sodomy laws wouldaffirm human rights and dignity. It would also repair a historical wrong thatdemands to be remembered. The legacy of colonialism should no longer beconfused with cultural authenticity or national freedom. An activist fromSingapore writes: "It's amazing" that millions of people "have so absorbedVictorian prudishness that even now, when their countries are independent- andthey are all happy and proud they're free from the yoke of the British-theystoutly defend these laws." He concludes, "The sun may have set on the BritishEmpire, but the Empire lives on."[212]These last holdouts of the Empire have outlived their time.

[206]The entire concept of codification is alien to the spirit and history of shari'alaw, which traditionally is embodied in the scattered rulings of jurists inthe four Sunni schools. That shari'a advocates in northern Nigeria haveturned to imposing full-fledged codes further reveals how the colonial legacypersists.

The Napoleonic Wars were the best wars of the 19th century. The wars started as a preemptive war by Revolutionary France to forestall the attempt of the ancien régimes of Europe to suppress the French revolution, but soon became a war of conquest with the intention of "revolution export" by France. Although Napoleon was ultimately defeated, arguably his greatest legacy was secularism (the separation of church and state), which forms the basis of governance in most European countries to this day. The French flavour of secularism, laïcité, remains an integral part of French national identity today.

This timeline gives an overview of this history of the criminalisation of LGBT people, tracing in particular the evolution of the specific forms of criminalisation that originated in Europe and which are the source of many of the laws that still blight the lives of LGBT people across the world today. The legacy of British colonial-era penal codes looms large in this history, informing many of these criminalising provisions. Other colonial legal traditions, such as the French Penal Code (and later Napoleonic Code), which decriminalised same-sex sexual activity in 1791, did not have the same long-lasting effect on the lives of LGBT people. Other traditions of criminalisation or censure, particularly those heavily influenced by Islam and other religions, are not interrogated in detail here.

The timeline also follows how this legacy of criminalisation has increasingly been undone, highlighting important milestones in the global, century-long struggle to achieve justice and equality before the law for LGBT people. While the fight for LGBT equality is far from complete, the distance travelled, even in the last 50 years, is reason to be hopeful. Despite the long history of the criminalisation of LGBT people, the long arc of history bends inexorably toward justice.

Significantly, the Supreme Court found that Section 377, to the extent that it criminalised private, consensual same-sex sexual activity, violated a broad array of constitutional protections, including the right to privacy, dignity, equality before the law & non-discrimination, freedom of expression, and health. The momentous judgment also emphatically recognised Section 377 as a harmful colonial legacy.

Victorian-Legacy- This is to modify Victoria Universalis to Include flavor and features from other mods like HFM and make it into a Multiplayer Mod. This mod was Inspired by HFM by Sighpie, Victoria Universalis by Vic1984, and Belle Carographie Pack Map Mod by rascalnag. -legacy

J.P. Morgan's sharp eye and restless appetite for collecting were legendary in his lifetime. The reopening this autumn of the Wadsworth Atheneum, home to some of his finest decorative arts pieces, is a reminder of his remarkable legacy

Morgan's son, Jack Morgan, did what he could. The Morgan Library was the one institution that had been set running in permanent fashion and, thanks in no small part to its intrepid and visionary librarian, Belle da Costa Greene, it kept intact its pre-eminent holdings in manuscripts and works on paper and remained largely independent of the confusions surrounding the remainder of the legacy. For the rest, Jack Morgan gave quite a number of individual pictures and some 7,000 objects to the Metropolitan Museum; various members of the Morgan family kept paintings they liked; some paintings and objects were sold; certain treasures made their way to Henry Clay Frick...

On this episode of @Risk, Jodi Butts is joined by contributing correspondent for Science magazine, Kai Kupferschmidt, to discuss the latest science on the Omicron variant, vaccine equity and the legacy of Angela Merkel.


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