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The Story Behind Toonpur Ka Superrhero: India's First Live-Action and 3D Animation Movie

Toonpur Ka Superrhero: A Unique Blend of Live-Action and Animation

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were transported to a world of cartoons? How would you interact with them? How would they react to you? Would you be able to save them from danger? These are some of the questions that are explored in Toonpur Ka Superrhero, a 2010 Indian movie that combines live-action and animation in an innovative way.

toonpur ka superhero

Toonpur Ka Superrhero is a comedy adventure film that features Ajay Devgn, Kajol, Sanjay Mishra, Tanuja, and Mukesh Tiwari in lead roles. The film is directed by Kireet Khurana, written by Raagii Bhatnagar, and produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak. The film is India's first live-action and 3D animation combination feature film.

The plot of the film revolves around Aditya Kumar (Ajay Devgn), a famous actor who plays a superhero on TV. He is kidnapped by a group of cartoons called Devtoons from Toonpur, a land where all cartoons live. They need his help to fight against Jagaro (Mukesh Tiwari), an evil cartoon who wants to destroy Toonpur. Aditya agrees to help them after he realizes that this is his chance to prove himself as a real hero to his son Kabir (Ameya Pandya), who thinks he is a fan of cartoons. Along the way, he meets various characters, such as Tooneshwar (Sanjay Mishra), the king of Toonpur, Rubdoot (Raza Murad), the god of destruction, and Priya (Kajol), his wife who is also kidnapped by Jagaro. He also faces many challenges and dangers, such as giant robots, flying sharks, and lava pits. Will he be able to save Toonpur and his family? Will he become a true superhero in the eyes of his son?

The Making of Toonpur Ka Superrhero

The idea of Toonpur Ka Superrhero was conceived by Kireet Khurana, who is an award-winning animation filmmaker and director. He wanted to make a film that would appeal to both children and adults, and that would showcase the potential of Indian animation. He was inspired by Hollywood films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Space Jam, and The Mask, which blended live-action and animation in a humorous and entertaining way.

Khurana approached Ajay Devgn with the script, who agreed to star in the film after reading it. Devgn said that he liked the concept of the film and that he wanted to do something different from his usual action roles. He also said that he wanted to do a film that his children could watch and enjoy. Kajol, who is Devgn's real-life wife, also joined the cast as his on-screen wife. She said that she was impressed by the script and the animation work, and that she had fun working with her husband and the cartoons.

The film was written by Raagii Bhatnagar, who is a renowned writer and journalist. She said that she wanted to create a story that would have a universal appeal and that would have a message of courage, friendship, and family. She also said that she wanted to create characters that would be memorable and relatable, and that would have their own quirks and personalities. She collaborated with Khurana and Devgn to fine-tune the script and the dialogues.

The film was produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak, who is a veteran producer and distributor. He said that he was confident about the film's success and that he believed in Khurana's vision. He also said that he was proud to be associated with India's first live-action and 3D animation combination feature film. He invested about Rs. 40 crore in the film's production.

The film was directed by Khurana himself, who had a challenging task of managing both live-action and animation sequences. He said that he had to plan every shot carefully and that he had to coordinate with various departments, such as cinematography, art direction, editing, sound design, music, etc. He also said that he had to work closely with Devgn and other actors, who had to act with invisible cartoons in front of green screens. He praised Devgn for his professionalism and dedication, and said that he was the perfect choice for the role of Aditya.

The animation work for the film was done by two studios: Anibrain in Pune and Tata Elxsi in Mumbai. The film used about 1,500 shots of animation, which took about two years to complete. The film used motion capture technology to create realistic movements for the cartoons. The film also used stereoscopic 3D technology to enhance the visual effects and create a immersive experience for the viewers. The film had about 40 cartoon characters, each with their own design, voice, and personality. b70169992d


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