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Now touching his Examples; he first instanceth in Hus and Pag. 30. Ierome of Prage, who liued anno Domini 1400. that is, [Page 133] some hundred and twenty yeres (or thereabouts) before Luthers Apostasy. To this Example of Hus, in which the Pamphleter cheifly insisteth (for as for Ierome of Prage, he but embraced some of Hus his errours, as learning them from him) I First answere, that supposing Hus had broached all poynts of Protestancy; yet followeth it not, that Luther had receaued the said Doctryne from Hus, by an vninterrupted descent of Beleife (as this Authour pretendeth) for it may well be, that Hus his Errours were extinct in respect of any beleiuers before Luthers dayes: Euen as Aerius denyed prayer for the deade, and the Hereticke Manichaeus freewill (as Lib. de Haeres. c. 23. & 46. S. Austin witnesseth) yet were those Heresyes vtterly extinguished for many ages, till Luther reuiued them. Secondly, the articles, which Hus mantayned (different from the Roman Church) were but foure, as they are recorded by Fox himselfe: Of which, the doctrine of Communion vnder both kinds, was the cheifest: though according to the iudgement of Luther epist. ad Bohem. & lib de captiuit. Babylon [...] de Euchar. Luther, it is a point but of In differency. In all other points Hus was Catholicke, which this Authour calumniously concealeth. Thirdly, Hus mantayned that acknowledged Heresy on all sydes, that Bishopps & Princes (being in mortall sinne) were not to be obayed, but thereby did loose all their authority. Which Heresy is in like sort wholy concealed by this Pamphleter. Concerning the particular prouffes of all which points, euen from the Protestants Confessions, I referre the Reader to the former Dialogue, where Michaeas discouereth them at large: as the like he doth of Wicklefe, Waldo, and others hereafter alledged by this Treatiser. Fourthly, if the Visibility of the Protestant Church may be iustifyed in Hus, or in Waldo, Wicklefe, or in any other hereafter obtruded for a Protestant by this Pamphleter, because eich of them taught two or three (at the most) of Protestant points, then by the same reason may the Protestant Church de sayd to haue beene visible, in the Arians, Athan. in Apolog. pro fulga. for reiecting of Traditions, & for perpetrating many sacrileges agaynst the Sacraments, Altars, and Priests; in Pelagius, Ierom. lib. contra Pelag. for teaching euery sinne to be mortall; [Page 134] in Vigilantius, Ierom. lib. contra Vigilant. for condemning all religious virginity, and affirming the relicks of Saincts are not to be worshipped: In the Manichees, for denying of freewill: And in diuers such others: (4) Austin. lib. de Haeres. c. 46. All branded Hereticks and registred for such, by the orthodoxal Fathers of the Primatiue Church. Now this Inference I would entreate the Reader to obserue, with peculiar application to all the pretended examples of Protestancy, alledged in this Pamphlet. Fiftly, if we should grant heere all that, which is spoken of Hus, yet it but warranteth the visibility of the Protestant Church, only for the age, in which Hus did liue: His doctrine not being taught in ages before. 041b061a72


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