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The current paper is aimed to share the experience of one-year intensive implementation of the Moodle system in foreign language teaching (English as L2) by Foreign Languages Department, the Amur State University. The system demonstrated large opportunities for its efficient integration in both traditional L2 teaching and learning and during the totally distant mode of education process. Here we present a structured technology of teaching lexical skills. At the initial stage of getting acquainted with lexical units such tools as Page and Dialog Cards from H5P module were applied, the latter giving the opportunity not only for the multitude of verbal representations of the vocabulary but pictures and sound complement. This module was also used for pronunciation drilling and assessment. To organize a glossary, several tools were applied: a simpler Page tool and a more sophisticated wiki-dictionary and thesaurus tools for individual and shared use. Lexical units acquisition was practiced using memo-tools (memory games, crosswords and puzzles) and tests (matching, short answer, cards, drag-to-text and drag-to-picture and other tasks). Tests were used for both routine e-classroom work and e-assessment. The results of applying these tools and tasks indicate that the harmony of stress-free and stressful techniques as well as of traditional tasks (definitions, matching, rephrasing, quizzes) and innovative tasks enable to reproduce adequate learning environment that helps learners achieve the required level of lexical competence and boost motivation for L2 learning.

instruktsiia po rabote v word




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