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Just Shapes Beats Online UPDATED

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Just Shapes Beats online

For the unfamiliar, players take the role of a simple shape. Everything pink is bad and will harm the player. That's everything pink. The various pink shapes manifest on-screen to the beat of the music. And for electronic music aficionados, that's the biggest selling point for Just Shapes & Beats. It boasts a robust electronic and chiptune soundtrack from over 20 artists. That means this game is heavy on the beats, fast on the rhythm, and that means little-to-no slowdown on gameplay.

The title of the game truly represents the nature of what the game entails, namely shapes and beats. Through the story mode (which can be played with others locally), you navigate your rectangle through a maze of pink objects cluttering the screen, all in tune with the music. The visual style while simplistic is highly effective, evoking memories of Geometry Wars, which is an excellent company to be in. In fact, since you are dodging and dashing through the levels, it feels like attempting a pacifist mode run. 041b061a72


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