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Crash Landing On You

Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) is a South Korean successful entrepreneur and a chaebol heiress. One day, while paragliding in Seoul, a tornado blows her off course. As a result, she crash-lands into the North Korean portion of the DMZ. Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin) is a member of the North Korean elite and a captain in the Korean People's Army. As he is patrolling, he meets Se-ri and saves her. Having decided to help her go back to the South, he hides her from other North Koreans, especially Cho Cheol-gang (Oh Man-seok) who is out to expose him. As they spend time together, they fall in love.

Crash Landing on You

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One day, while Yoon Se-ri is paragliding in Seoul, South Korea, a sudden tornado knocks her out and blows her off course. She awakens to find that her paraglider has crashed into a tree in a forest in the North Korean portion of the DMZ, an area forbidden for South Koreans. She then meets Ri Jeong-hyeok, who eventually gives her shelter and develops plans to secretly help her return to South Korea. Over time, they fall in love, despite the divide and dispute between their respective countries.

Crash Landing on You was a huge success in China. The hashtag for the drama's final episode has received over 460 million views on Weibo.[42] The drama's main streaming website, which holds the copyright in China, crashed on the night it aired the final episode due to the sheer number of users.[43]

After getting into a paragliding accident, South Korean heiress Yoon Se Ri crash lands in North Korea. There, she meets North Korean army officer Ri Jung Hyuk, who agrees to help her return to South Korea. Despite the tension between their countries, the two of them start falling for one another.(Source: queen of repressed rage at MyDramaList) Edit Translation

Crash Landing On You is a love story of an oddly-matched couple coming from very different backgrounds. Yoon Se-ri, played by Son Ye-jin, is a beautiful heiress and a leading fashion businesswoman in South Korea, who meets North Korean military officer Lee Jung-hyeok, played by Hyun Bin, when she is swept up by a wind storm and accidentally crashes in North Korean territory while paragliding.

Crash Landing on You starts with South Korean businesswoman Yoon Se-ri, who crashes in the demilitarized zone between North and South Koreas during a tornado and is rescued by North Korean military officer Ri Jeong-hyeok, who shelters her in his home until they can find a way out. They butt heads at first, but any differences eventually morph into a star-crossed romance. "Even if I have to worry about losing you every day, I want to have you in my life. Even if it breaks my heart because it's a dream that can't come true, I'd like to sincerely dream of the future," Jeong-hyeok says in Korean at one point.

I saw this film on Netflix. This is a South Korean television romantic drama series released in 2019 and was written by Park Ji-Eun. The story is about an heiress to a conglomerate in South Korea and one day while paragliding, strong winds caused an accident leading her to an emergency landing in North Korea. While in North Korea, she meets a North Korean army officer who tries to protect and hide her. Eventually both fell in love. I chose this film because relationships know no boundaries, unlike the military zones that divide the north and the south. 041b061a72


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