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Matvey Belov
Matvey Belov

[S5E1] Phoenix From The Flame

Bite Force waited patiently once it had the fearsome spinner bot in its grasp, making effective use of the 10 second pin limit to help buy time. Eventually, it had to release, setting Tombstone free before chasing it down again. Bite Force suffered a large shot to its wedge while attempting to catch Hardcore Robotics' machine again, then narrowly avoided disaster as Tombstone's blade scraped underneath the right side treads. Fortunately, Bite Force remained mobile, slamming itself against its opponent's bar spinner several more times in an attempt to limit its damage potential. As Bite Force boxed Tombstone into the corner, a few plumes of smoke rose from within the number 1 seed, but it quickly escaped the dangerous situation and continued trying to spin up. The next collision, however, proved to be the most impactful, stopping Tombstone's weapon and causing much more noticeable smoke to pour out of it as its LiPo batteries began to go up in flames.

[S5E1] Phoenix from the Flame



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