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Andy McGeoch
Andy McGeoch
NSW Stud Stock Manager
Elders Rural Services Australia Limited
The Oldfield stud has for some years now been breeding optimum performance Poll Hereford cattle without sacrificing the easy do quality of a good British breed. It would be fair to say that Oldfield Poll Herefords on recent show and sale results would rank in the top five studs that support the Dubbo National Show & Sale each year. They are simply very good cattle bred by very good people.

Oldfield Poll Hereford Reference Sires and Dams

Oldfield Dynamite! D43

D.O.B. 09/07/2008

Reserve Senior Champion, Sydney Royal 2010

We are excited to present our own sire for 2010, Oldfield Dynamite! D43. He has an excellent balance of EBVs, is extremely well muscled and very structurally correct. Visitors to our stud have picked him out as our best bull.  At 20 months of age, Dynamite weighed 975kgs and scanned an EMA of 130 square cms.  His sire, Bowen Tornado Z260 (ET) has an impeccable pedigree.  His dam, Oldfield Lioness W63, has been one of our best breeders (see profile below).  Dynamite's full brother, Oldfield Caesar C22, sold for $10,000 at the 2009 Dubbo National Show & Sale and was noted for having one of the largest muscle profiles in the shed.  Another full brother will be offered at the 2011 Dubbo National.  Semen available.  Photo taken at 16 months.

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Otapawa Skymate 2046 ET

We purchased export semen in this outstanding bull for our October 2009 AI program.  Skymate was bred by the Robbie family in the North Island, New Zealand.  He is sired by Sky 236G Premier 132K (USA) and is out of a NZ Herefords Silver Benchmark cow, Otapawa Leonora P23.  He was sold at the 2004 NZ Herefords National Sale for $32,000.  We have chosen this bull for his tremendous growth, milking and carcase qualities.  We can't wait to see his calves on the ground this year.

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Markowen The Don SMOF54

Markowen The Don SMOF54 came to Oldfield as part of our purchase of the Markowen stud from Keith, SA.  We are using him to add muscle to our herd.  You will see the quality Kidman/Markowen genetics in his pedigree.  He has an outstanding carcase, positive fat cover, excellent growth for age and beautiful skin and hair.  We will join him to 60 cows this 2011 season.  (Photo taken at 10 months of age)

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The Ranch Brigadier B21

D.O.B. 18/06/06
We purchased Brigadier at the 2008 Dubbo National Show & Sale for $10,000. We used him in October 2008 over our Cannawigra Windstorm X109 daughters for his positive Rib and Rump Fat EBVs. His progeny have proved to be cosmetically sound and show alot of potential.  Brigadier is a balanced bull across his growth and carcase figures, and is cosmetically and structurally very sound. His addition to our sire battery reinforces the existing performance and structural qualities in our herd.

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Cannawigra Battleground WTAC79

We are using this sire in the 2011 joining season for his above breed average 200D, 400D and 600D growth EBVs, EMA, RBY% and IMF%.  A son is part of our 2012 Dubbo National team.

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Tahlan Centrefold C34

Bred by the Scurr family of Texas QLD, we purchased Centrefold at the 2009 Glenn Innes Show & Sale for the top price of $8,000.  A November 2007 calf, Centrefold weighed 935kg with a scanned Eye Muscle Area of 127 square cms.  He is very correct, and has a great carcase wrapped in a beautiful soft hide and hair type.  He ran with a mob of 40 cows in October 2009.  We eagerly anticipate his calves this year.

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Oldfield Lioness W63

Oldfield Lioness W63 has been a consistently good breeder of performance cattle.  Since she was calved out as a two year old, Lioness W63 has had five bulls in the top of our draft and a daughter we are retaining in our herd.  Joined to Bowen Tornado Z260 (ET) in an AI program, she produced Oldfield Caesar C22 which sold at the 2009 Dubbo National for $10,000 and was noted for having one of the largest muscle patterns in the shed.  Another son, Oldfield Dynamite! D43 (Reserve Senior Champion Sydney Royal 2010) is an outstanding bull we are offering semen in but will retain as our 2010 sire.  W63's current bull calf Oldfield PHAE23 is being groomed for the 2011 Dubbo National Show & Sale.

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Oldfield Virginia BKPW69

Oldfield Virginia is sired by Oldfield Uarbri U83 who was sold to the Cannawigra Poll Hereford stud of Lucindale SA in 2002.  He was Reserve Senior Champion at Adelaide Royal.  Virginia is a cow with plenty of capacity and milk, she has been a consistent breeder.

PHAE64 Oldfield Cherry Ripe

This cow is sired by The Ranch Brigadier B21 and out of a Cannawigra Windstorm X109 cow.  This joining was used to give the Windstorm daughters more maternal traits and softness.  Cherry Ripe E64 is one of the first Brigadier daughters to calve from this cross and exhibits those maternal traits.

BKPD62 Oldfield Sungirl

Sungirl is by Bowen Tornado Z260.  We have a number of Tornado daughters and these females have heaps of capacity with exceptional yearling growth rates.  Sungirl is on her second calf and, as you can see from the photo, her maternal abilities are strong.

BKPY7 Oldfield She's A Picture

Oldfield She's A Picture Y7 is by Heatherdale Tyson V200 which was Reserve Senior Champion Bull at Dubbo National and subsequently purchased for $45,000.  We have a number of his daughters in our herd which are breeding our higher performance cattle, with sons showing higher daily weight gains off-grass. 

Past Reference Sires and Dams

Markowen Crusader Y2

D.O.B. 13/02/03    Reg: SMOY2    Tattoo: Y2
We purchased Crusader at 12 months of age for $10,000 after visiting the Markowen stud in South Australia.  We saw great sire potential in this young calf.  His mother is a great cow with terrific milking ability and her other progeny are also performing well at the Markowen stud.  Crusader has tremendous length.  Of 128 calves recorded with Breedplan, 71 have been scanned and there are 12 daughters producing.  We have 15 daughters in our herd to date (September 2009), with another 15 in 2010.  His daughters are feminine, very maternal cows and are set to become some of our best cows.

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Bowen Tornado Z260 (AI) (ET)

D.O.B. 08/09/04
We have used this bull as an outcross AI sire, for his structural correctness and for his powerful pedigree.  Tornado was sired by the maternal brother to Braxton Westwind 120M.  His dam is a full sister to Bowen Qantas Q176, 2000 APHS Sire of the Year.  Tornado is also a maternal brother to Studbrook D'Artagnion which sold at Dubbo National for $47,000.  Tornado fathered our 2010 home-grown sire, Oldfield Dynamite! D43 (see profile above).

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Cannawigra Windstorm CWAX109

D.O.B. 17/05/02     Reg: CWAX109     Tattoo: X109
Windstorm was purchased at the 2004 Naracoorte Poll Hereford Bull sale.  We used Windstorm to give our herd growth and improved carcase qualities.
We have had a good run with Windstorm calves - Oldfield Commander BKPB85 was the 2008 Dubbo National Junior Champion bull, weighing 1045kgs with 132 cm EMA, and sold for $18,000.  Oldfield Sir Menzies BKPA99 sold for $14,000 at the 2007 Dubbo National, weighing 978kgs with a 128cm EMA. 

A Windstorm grandson, Mountain Valley Carlton C611 was awarded 2009 Brisbane EKKA Grand Champion bull and was also the 2009 Dubbo National Junior Champion bull.

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Heatherdale Tyson V200

D.O.B. 06/07/00     Reg: LHBV200     Tattoo: V200
Tyson was used for his exceptional carcase traits, balanced moderate to high growth traits and maturity pattern.  We purchased him at the 2002 Dubbo National Show and Sale for $45,000 in partnership with the Bobanken and Mountain Valley studs.

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Allendale Octagonal (AI)

D.O.B. 09/03/99     Reg: AEDU17     Tattoo: U17
Oldfield Stud, in partnership with the Bowen and Burando Studs, paid top price of $46,000 at the 2001 Dubbo National Bull Sales for the Reserve Senior Champion Allendale Octagonal

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Davis 80U Facsimile 14X (IMP)

D.O.B. 12/02/88     Reg: 293849     Tattoo: 14X
At 9 months of age Facsimile won his class at the Canadian Western Agribition Show. His sire has sired many champions, and in 1987 he too won the Agribition as Grand Champion Bull. Facsimile has been an outstanding success with sons topping bull sales. His performance figures are extremely good and now his grand sons and daughters are breeding just as well.

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Oldfield Quebec (ET)

D.O.B. 03/02/95     Reg: BKPQ2     Tattoo: Q2
Quebec is a very thick bull out of a big red-eyed good all-round cow.
We have used him lightly in our herd. We sold him to Andrew Burgess of Ruby Hills, Walcha. Bulls sired by Quebec topped our 1999 sale. Quebec has a tremendous carcase and passes it on to his progeny.

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Bowen Roxborough R266 (AI) (ET)

D.O.B. 06/05/96     Reg: BWNR266     Tattoo: R266
The calves by Roxborough are extremely good. Eye pigment, growth and correctness are his best traits. He is also a good safe bull to use.
We used him lightly as an AI sire.

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Greensborough Will S30

D.O.B. 23/10/97     Reg: RRGS30     Tattoo: S30
Will was Junior Champion at the 1999 Dubbo National Sale and sold for $33,000.  He had tremendous growth for age, length and thickness and has performed well in our herd.

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Allendale Commissioner L45

D.O.B. 21/04/91     Reg: AEDL45     Tattoo: L45
Commissioner was purchased privately in 1992.  We used him over Davis Facsimile females giving us females with outstanding correctness.

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Kayne Trademark (AI) (ET)

D.O.B. 08/11/90    Reg: 288974     Tattoo: L45
Mrs Jody Peake of the Bowen Stud, Barraba selectively bred Trademark and in 1993 exhibited him at the Dubbo National Bull Sale as a class winner.
Trademark has given us cows with outstanding milk production. He is a tremendous maternal bull.

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Bo-Bar Akubra

D.O.B. 27/04/91     Reg: 301659     Tattoo: L3
Akubra was used as a sire at Allendale PHS, South Australia. We used him for two years in our herd. His daughters have served us well; they are big framed cows and cosmetically very sound.

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DoonBiddie Rambo V61

D.O.B. 21/04/98 Tattoo: T1
Rambo was purchased for $11,500 at the 2000 Dubbo National Bull Sale. He was placed 3rd in his class to the Grand Champion Bull of the show. He weighed 960kg at the show at 26 months and has a 7.8 frame score. He was Res. Junior at the 99 Brisbane Royal and Junior and Grand at the 99 Canberra Royal Show.

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Kenevel Whiplash T37

D.O.B. 07/09/98 Tattoo: T37
Whiplash was a class winner at the 2000 Dubbo National Bull Sale. We purchased him for $14,000 and later sold a half share to Mr Rob Crowther, Matcham Park Stud, Gloucester. At the show he weighed 875kgs at 21 months and has a frame score of 7.2.

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JSF 37 271 Devo 23C (IMP)

D.O.B. 07/02/93 Reg: MEP23CCHR Tattoo: 23C
Devo was used for his growth, correctness, softness and huge carcase.

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